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tv   [untitled]    March 23, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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willing to spend the time, volunteer time for the most part, to make this city one of the greatest leaders for women's issues and rights and equality. i think we have proven that. i am very encouraged that perhaps in the next four, five years we will get ahead in terms of our own country stepping up to the plate. thank you again, and thank you, shelly. [applause] >> i want to also make sure i acknowledge another person on our committee, and that is nancy acknowledge someone else on the committee. she is in the mayor's office and she made things happen for us. thank you.
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>> and the extraordinary public service award goes to supervisor maxwell. she is a native of san francisco, and she was elected to the board in 2001. she served until 2011. this affected everything from land use, to children and families. including a residential water conservation ordinance. congratulations, supervisor maxwell. >> good afternoon, everybody. this is me. people have been asking me, what are you doing now? i am thinking about things that i want to think about. you take it for granted, but i don't anymore. i want to thank the status of women, and all of you. i want to thank all of the people that are in this room
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that worked with me. thank you, it is collective leadership. you're certainly a part of my team. thank you all. [applause] >> i asked if i could do this one because it is pretty darn important to me. this is the community leadership award. she was a young woman from hunters point that said, most
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kids in this community who don't believe they will live to see their twenty fifth birthday. she was gunned down at the age of 23, celebrating her twenty third birthday. she was an awesome young woman. she got into a little trouble and had to do the ankle bracelet time. as she was going to city college, she fell in love with education, and decided that she wanted to be an attorney connected with our attorney general. they are kind of mentoring heard. they lost in the energy in bayview. as we did the one this year, i
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wanted to give it to someone. last year, it went to the bart board representative. this year, i am giving it to a young woman that i just think was awesome. at the age of 14, she opened her own dance studio because she liked to teach kids in the community how to dance. she brought them into the backyard. at 14, she became a business owner while she was going to school. at the age of 16, she graduated from high school. i am bringing to you today an incredible one and that is a fourth grade teacher. i am telling you what she told me, ladies. she wants to one day be the
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secretary of education for the united states of america. [applause] 20 years old. >> how do i follow such a beautiful introduction? he uses me as his instrument that shows me -- and chose me. i knew she is looking down and saying, my god, thank you for using me as your instrument. what got does, not does see how -- and not just hdoes he traded
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instrument, he supports it to the fullest extent. all across the state, in a poor neighborhood, you spotted me and i thank you. this wonderful opportunity will open up more doors and that children that i serve. i believe that god uses me to continue to empower others. let's also give another warm round of applause. [applause] >> i am here to accept a wonderful honor. because of the instrument and
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having wonderful parents that supported the spiritually, financially, since those a little girl and i believed i could make my dream become a reality. today, my dear mother is your to see me receive this. and to continue to support me because my mother knows that it takes a village to raise a child. there is another mother presenting me with this award. she flew here today, and i think you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support. [applause] i wanted to share some words of wisdom, some insights.
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i believe that it takes all of us working together to plant seeds that would bloom and flourish forever. god did that on purpose, just like in this room. together, we are planting seeds. the youth that will bloom and flourish forever. on behalf of my nonprofit, which works with youth who empower them through dance, performing arts, the hip-hop. we let them know where the roots come from. africa.
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we see ballet to name a few. in addition to the performing arts, we offer brotherhood and sisterhood programs. for the boys, it is had a cross between boy scouts and fraternities. they teach self-esteem, and we present our children yearly in a debutante ball. this is the third annual debutante ball, and in three years, we have served over 60 children. coupled with 20 boys from the princess club. our final aspect which the educational enrichment. it was essential that we do not leave that aspect out coupled with education.
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everything i say will go into one year and out the other. we bring the dance, the arts and education. we used the instrument of version, change the words of. the turn that into what they used as a study mechanisms. i am proud to say that with the program i have used, and he was an academy for young scientists.
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to give you a quick demonstration of what that might sound like, it goes like this. parts of speech you are all easy, and just sing with me. parts of speech are all easy, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, prepositions. conjunctions. a noun is a person, place, fang, or idea. like barack obama is a person. academy is in place. a little puppy is a thing. then you have a pronoun replaces a noun. like i, you, he, she, it, you,
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hey, you all, they. hopefully -- [applause] thank you. today, as i leave, i will leave with beautiful ideas and action plans. i started them with the support of my wonderful mother. it is something that is essential to making a program flourished. you need to support. all of that combined, i hope i get the chance to meet each of you today. and be able to go back knowing that i am going to take back support.
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i can tell you what, as a result of this conference i was able to further advance. the use of my community can grow up someday to be greater than who i am. if they have me entering them, sky is not even their lead. i hope to see the rest of you at the summit. [applause] >> last but not least, we have the spirit of a quality award.
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[applause] he was nominated by president obama to be assistant secretary of fair housing and equal opportunity in april of 2009. john is a native san franciscan. congratulations, john. >> it is an honor to be here.
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they are right on time. i just want to say it is a real honor to be with all of you celebrating the one hundredth anniversary, also coming up, the one hundredth anniversary. it was the dawning of government getting involved. it was the worst industrial accident. whether it is worker safety or -- it is great to be in the city of dynamic women. the former speaker, nancy pelosi. [applause] in my own family, my mom can't be here today, but my family is well represented by my sisters.
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the head of our affair house and office right here in san francisco. because time is limited, there are a number of things we are doing to advance equality for women. i could talk about the work we're doing defending women that are denied loans by lending institutions. there are 22 cases around the country where women are denied loans because the lenders think they have no income because they are on maternity leave. we're close to resolving a nationwide case in that regard. defending the woman who was evicted for adopting a child. she was allowed in the villa complex -- into the apartment complex, but once they had bonded as a family, she was evicted.
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in the state of alabama, representing the freedom of women to be able to choose who they want to go out with, they have the water turned off. he went to the landlord and asked what happened. she says, lose your black boyfriend. that still exists. these are the kinds of things that exist today. two more things that we are doing that is critically important. women must be free from domestic violence including when housing authorities may say that you have broken the least because of the violence that exists in your own home. they will ignore the fact that the women are the victims. the fair housing act, my office goes one step further. it advocates for the women. and we treat this as a case of
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gender discrimination because these policies have an impact on women. we will seek not only relief for the victim, but making sure that those policies change. also of importance to women, and the lgbt community, your respective of marital status and sexual orientation. tomorrow at city hall, we will be holding a round table to discuss that issue as well. making some advancements, making international women's day relevant to the twenty first century. we have a lot of work to do together, but we will prevail. [applause]
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>> i just want to say that john proceeds me. he came all the way just to be with us and convene meetings tomorrow. it is nice to have him and his family's commitment to the community. [applause] >> congratulations to all of the winners. we just did a show on foreclosures just a day. john, you would have been a great guest. i asked him about the proposed cuts to the home energy assistance program. it is up to everybody to make
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the phone calls. it is a crucial program not that we don't want cut. i hope you can stay around for the upcoming sessions because we have great conversations coming out. a number of multinational corporations are actually approaching municipalities that are broke, why don't you let us take it over it will take off like wildfire. a4:45 for those of you that have to leave, thank you so much for coming. be sure to check out the incredible photos tonight. women all over the globe are taking to the streets to demand equal rights.
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>> you can see that it is amazing. you can hear that it is refreshing. you reach for it because it is irresistible. and the taste. simply delicious. san francisco tap water. it engages the senses. 311 is an important resource for all san franciscans. should
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>> to address these concerns, i have made a series of amendments to the resolution that capture the spirit of the policy but would allow continued conversation with the task force and other stakeholders about how we do metering. i believe strongly that the city needs to start developing toes to help create affordable housing. in our housing element alone, we talk about building a 60% affordable, but we are currently not doing that. it is important to start the discussion about creating tools
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of measuring our affordable housing and creating tools to enforce that. i grew up in new york city, one to my parents who had immigrated here to the u.s. actually, i started really becoming active in working with the community when i was in high school. came out to california for college, went to stanford. i was always politically involved. when i was a college student, i worked on the initiative to get rid of affirmative action in our public government system. currently, we have 3 legislative items that are pending. the first is going to be coming to a final vote on tuesday, our mid-market uptown tenderloin task exemption legislation. it is basically an incentive to encourage businesses to come to mid-market. in particular, where we have the highest commercial vacancy. and then when i graduated, moved
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out to san francisco about 12 years ago. i always loved sanford cisco in college, and i just wanted to try it out. i started working in economic development policy. i was a community organizer for six years. i worked with young people, parents, and families around issues that concern our neighborhoods, whether it was improving muni lines, affordable housing, public schools, or just planning issues in neighborhoods. we just had a hearing last week, and we are trying to do some work around bedbug enforcement, which is a major issue in the tenderloin and of hill and 63. a hearing will actually be on thursday, april 7, 10:30. we're doing our first hearing on pedestrian safety. i think public safety is a huge concern. it ranges from both low-level crimes to pedestrian safety, and so that is a really important
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issue to me. we are probably more than double what every other district has. and that are preventable. and we can do better. district 6 is one -- home to one of the most diverse constituencies. we have the poorest residents in san francisco. we have lgbt. we have immigrants, people of color, youth, and a high proportion of seniors in the city as well. we heard that people want to see more jobs, want to see access to more jobs for our residents. we want to see more preventive instead of just reactive. we want to see after-school programs versus the police picking them up because they are out on the street, which i think our chief agrees with. i actually ran for the board of education in san francisco and got to serve a term on our school board. what really surprised me was how much i enjoyed it. i loved it.
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i love meeting with families, meeting with youth, meeting with teachers, visiting schools, and getting a deeper understanding of what it means to make our system work better. the one thing i really enjoyed was i got to run within a district instead of citywide, was that i really got to know voters and residents. i actually enjoy campaigning more because i had time to knock on doors and the voters individually. i'd love it. i actually really enjoyed being out on the field. so i spent a lot of time doing it because i got to really get a deeper understanding of what people care about and what people's concerns are and also what people loved about the district and the city. i was talking with the mayor yesterday. he was very interested in seeing how the good work with our office -- how he could work with our office. i would love to see how we could support small businesses because they are the heart at san francisco.
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they provide 60% 07% of the jobs in sanford cisco, and they provide it locally, and they are not going to offshore their jobs any time. i am not an opponent of cleaning up the tenderloin. i love the tenderloin. i love what is right now. i recognize we have a diversity of books that live there and people do not want to see open drug dealing. i do not have a problem with people lit think -- people out on the street socializing. i think that is good. that to me is more -- you know, it is part of the character of the neighborhood. i get to represent one of the most exciting and dynamic districts in the city. it is where change is happening, so i think it is exciting in terms of how we can model what it means to be a smart growth neighborhood, how we can use transit and housing effectively to serve our city and also to do a lot of the new green policies that we have developed over the last 10 years.
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